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Upcoming events

  • Innovation Boot Camp - July 22-23, 2019 @ TH Wildau- Germany

The IBC offers you an opportunity to get guidance, create new ideas and meet the ‘challenge providers’ whom might be interested to follow up with your team and implement your developed ideas with you on the ground. The IBC will run over two days, where you will receive support in terms of persona modelling, design thinking methodology and others to help you structure your thinking and unleashing creativity. The IBC is free of fees.  Join the IBC and enjoy the possibility to generate ideas under professional guidance that may be followed up and to bring innovation processes to application (industry).
The event is part of the project InnoLabs and can therefore be offered free of any charge and includes training material, catering and social events.
The most successful student team is invited to Oslo. More information are provided in the Flyer.

New: Workshop Career Development.

Whether you pursue a career in academia or seek a new career track outside the academic environment, professional skills enhance your chances when looking for new job opportunities. Understanding the needs of different employers will create new opportunities and increase your chances for success.

We will enable participants to analyse their skills portfolio and identify particular strengths but also specific gaps to be closed by additional training.

New: Discover your talents!

Unlock your potential and development perspectives. Work with us on your individual talents and abilities. Invest half an hour of your time answering our questions online. We analyse the result and provide an individual feedback in a personal coaching.


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