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Upcoming events

Within our training we offer innovative solutions and advice for writing and managing your project. Irrespective of whether you apply for European, national or international funding. We care about you and your needs.

Our portfolio offers tailor made workshop concepts designed to provide proposal writers with the environment and the tools to win funding for their own project in a time-efficient manner. Our team of experts has more than 20 years of successful proposal writing experience as well as evaluator for the Frameworkprogramme and national funding bodies.

Please find below the list of on remote workshops we offer at this moment:

GW0: "Proposal Writing in a nutshell"

Duration: 1 x 90 Minutes , Number of participants: 6-25
Dates: on demand
Prices: 100,00 € per participant (119,00 € including VAT)*
GW1: "Introduction to Proposal Writing"

This Webinar on “Proposal Writing” takes a practical approach to teaching young researchers how to apply for third-party funding and principles in proposal writing. The participants get a primer on the perspective of funders and expert reviewers and learn how to use the different perspectives to optimize their proposal concept.

Duration: 1 x 4h , Number of participants: 6-20
Dates:  May 21, 2021 from 9:30 am to 1 pm; on demand
Prices: 300,00 € per participant (including VAT)*
GW2: Series "Introduction to Proposal Writing" - intensive
The webinar takes a practical approach to teaching researchers how to apply for third-party funding. Written outlines of the participants’ funding ideas will be improved via hands-on elements throughout the webinar.
Duration: 3 x 4 hours includung 1 hour break, 30 Minutes individual coaching. Number of participants: 6
Dates: May 7, 10, 14 2021 from 9:30 am to 1 pm. Individual coaching on May 17, 2021.  Additional dates on demand.
Prices: 350,00 € per participant (including VAT)*
*Please notice that for participants with residence outside of Germany will be VAT exempt.
Due to our past and current involvement in research projects, our own research and our continous training, we have additional experience and expertise in project management, strategy development, interdisciplinary interaction, RRI, Datamanagement, Communication etc. If you are interested in other training topics in context with scientific management, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to develop tailor-made formats with and for you.
On demand:
Topic online Duration offline Duration
Ethics x * x 90'
Crowdfunding x ** x 90'
Research integrity x * x 90'
Open Science     x 90'
Standardisation/Standard Operating Procedures     x 90'
Data Management Plan     x 150'
Responsible Research and Innovation x * x 180'
Dissemination and Exploitation in H2020/Horizon Europe x 1 day x 4 h
Impact in H2020/Horizon Europe x 2 days x 4 h
Open Innovation x ** x 120'
Project Management in H2020/Horizon Europe
x 1 day    
Innovation Boot Camps x 2,5 days    
*Ethics, Research Integrity and RRI can be combined in a 1 day online training
**Crowdfunding, Open Innovation can be combined in a 1 day online training


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