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Student helper (Mini Job) for the next possible period, initially for one year with the option of extension or part-time employment.

Job description:

to carry out surveys (EU-wide) and their analyses. Contribution to stakeholder analysis and stakeholder mapping.


  • Very good oral and written English skills
  • Good user knowledge of Office software (Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Teams).
  • At least a Bachelor's degree in social sciences (or equivalente discipline)
  • Basic methodological knowledge of qualitative social research and/or quantitative data analysis methods is desirable

We expect the willingness to familiarise oneself with content and methodology and the ability to work independently.

Our offer

  • 450€ (Mini job) 7 hours per week (16€ hourly wage).
  • a modern, well-equipped workplace
  • international working environment
  • the opportunity to participate in further training
  • flexible working hours

We look forward to receiving your meaningful application to info[at]sb-sciencemanagement.com


MSCA-Postdoctoral Fellowship - Hosting offer

Call for expression of interest!

SB Science Management is looking for a postdoctoral researcher who would like to transfer his/her knowledge of procedures and methods from the social, economic or legal sciences to the natural and life sciences, with the aim of modifying them in such a way that they become understandable, comprehensible and application-friendly for these disciplines.

We are looking for applicants from the social sciences/social economy who want to contribute to developing new strategies for implementing RRI in the academic research system of the life sciences. Topics of interest range from open science, ethics, (gendered) innovation to standardisation. The focus will be on analysing the discipline-specific differences and existing educational deficits in implementing RRI, and on developing measures to overcome these deficits.
Interested candidates should therefore develop innovative concepts for the implementation of RRI issues in the life science disciplines, e.g. in the form of educational curricula, training courses and recommendations for institutional change and participatory approaches in multi-stakeholder research.
We are open to discuss other project ideas or studies on this topic.
Interested candidates are asked to contact info[at]sb-sciencemanagement.com.
The project will take the form of MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships, for which interested candidates must apply (deadline 14 September 2022).  If the evaluation is positive, the successful candidate will receive a two-year full-time contract starting in spring 2023.

The place of work will be in Berlin, Germany.


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